The “MAPS” Process

We’ve drawn in nearly two decades of winning proposals to develop a process that, simply put, works. The following outlines the MAPS process that is the core of the Michael and Associates Proposal Solutions process. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at our past performance to find out more.

PHASE 1: Pre-RFP Release. Our process takes uses tools that have been honed through years of hands-on, must-win proposals. From the initial meeting through the “all in one” swiss army knife of project management, there are no surprises in our approach.

PHASE 2: RFP Release. Whether you decide to do a gap analysis, a black hat competitive analysis, or need an extension, I help ensure that your interests are not only protected, but promoted, with the customer.

PHASE 3: Proposal Development. The iterative MAPS process of solution development is made easy by our proven “all in one” template. It will not only be branded to your company, but it will make it easy for you–and your customers–to evaluate. Not an expert at PMI-based principles? Not to worry, we have templates that explain the process extensively? Have a PMP on staff? That works too. Our process is so flexible that we enable you, the customer, to determine what suits your mission needs.

PHASE 4. Proposal Submission. Your proposal is the story of your company. Think of it as the book that sells the reason that your customer should trust you over the other guys. The final deliverable to the customer has to be the best possible foot forward you have, and that’s what we at Michael and Associates Proposal Solutions deliver.

The MAPS Process

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